When Iron Melts

The sun sets and the world slowly begins to dim from a golden light to blue, and finally to rich purples, greens, blues, and grays of night. But not for long; the students from the University of Colorado Denver’s (UCD) sculpture program and other area metalsmiths have their own idea of how to light up […]

Murals, murals, murals

Out and About: Within the last several years, many murals have popped up along the Cherry Creek and bike path. These works are artistically interesting but also are thought to be a way to prevent graffiti.  These murals are scattered along the walls of the creek from Confluence Park as far as Broadway. Perhaps the […]

The Joys of Ice Skating

People have been ice skating for thousands of years; first as a means of transportation, and later for recreation. You and your family can continue this tradition of going ice skating at your local ice rink.   Out and about: Throughout the winter small outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks pop up around the city. […]

Autumn Adventure

Happy October! All around the city and state, the yellows, oranges, and reds of fall are slowly creeping into the greens of the leafy trees. There are so many places to view the beautiful color changes around the metro area and state, but one of my favorite is along clear creek in Golden. I discovered […]

Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Out and About This weekend is the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. This is a fun festival to see art, eat delicious food, and listen to great music.  It runs from July 3rd to July 5th. Please visit their website (http://cherrycreekartsfestival.org/) for times and other details. I recommend attending the festival in the evening or early […]

Chalk Arts Festival

Out and About This coming weekend is the Chalk Art Festival. It will take place in Downtown Denver on Larimer square. To find further details please visit their website: http://www.larimerarts.org/festival-info/denver-chalk-art-festival/. This is a wonderful event to see artists of all levels creating works of art on the pavement of Larimer square. Bring the family, and […]