Black Arts Festival

This weekend (starting today) is the Black Arts Festival at Denver’s City Park West. This festival is celebrating its 30th year of giving black artists and musicians a platform, a voice and a means to share their work. Visit their website for more information regarding times and further event details.

In light of the violence between black people and the police that has come to light in recent months but has gone on for much longer, I am not going to offer anything beyond giving the details of the event or add an extra activity related to it. Because as a white woman I cannot speak for the black community, and the profiling, prejudice, and discrimination they face on a daily basis, all I will say is this: if you decide to go to this event, I challenge you to set aside your biases and preconceived notions whatever they may be and to simply listen to the stories surrounding you. Listen to the voices of the musicians. Talk to the artists. Read their artists statements. Ask them what their art is about. Listen to what they say. Listen without judgement or bias. Allow voice to those who have so often been ignored.

If we begin to listen better, than we may be one step closer to making this a country where all humans feel safe and accepted.

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