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Out and About:

Within the last several years, many murals have popped up along the Cherry Creek and bike path. These works are artistically interesting but also are thought to be a way to prevent graffiti.  These murals are scattered along the walls of the creek from Confluence Park as far as Broadway. Perhaps the best way to see these artworks is to start your trip at Confluence Park as there are several murals along the walls of where the Cherry Creek meets the Platte River, and walk east along the trail as far as you are able or willing to go. To find our more about two of these murals go to this link: While you are walking, notice the different colors, subject matters, and images depicting in the murals.

Butcher or craft paper
Painters tape
Crayons, markers, colored pencils, or other drawing materials
Plastic drop cloth

Your turn:

Now it your turn to create your own mural. For this activity take a sheet of butcher paper—size is your choice but the bigger the better—and tape it to the wall using painters’ tape. You may want to use a plastic drop cloth taped beneath the butcher paper to protect your walls. Then have your children jump right in with their drawing tools to create a mural of their dreams. Once your mural is complete, you can leave it up, roll it up as a keepsake, or evolve it into another art project down the road.

Here is a picture of a self-portrait mural I painted as a child.

Picture of a six year old Cory wearing a pink and orange top and blue and white polka-dot skirt standing next to a drawing of herself wearing the same thing.
Cory as a child with her life sized self-portrait mural.

We here at Inquisitive Lantern would love to see your and your children’s projects. Please share them and your feedback at the end of this post. Please note though that Inquisitive Lantern will approve all posts for their family friendly content before they become public.

Happy Adventuring and Muraling!!

Update as of July 9, 2016. It came to my attention this week, that there has been a rise of heroin use along the Cherry Creek. 9 news ran a story about this issue this week which you can watch on their website. If you feel uncomfortable exposing your children to this, you may explore other murals around Denver in order to do this activity. Here are some link of places to find murals:


303 magazine,

As always when doing these activities be aware of your surroundings, and use your best judgment when it comes to your safety and that if your children.

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