Autumn Adventure

Happy October!

All around the city and state, the yellows, oranges, and reds of fall are slowly creeping into the greens of the leafy trees. There are so many places to view the beautiful color changes around the metro area and state, but one of my favorite is along clear creek in Golden. I discovered this pathway by chance last year and I checked on it a week ago.

View of South Table Mountain from the Clear Creek Trail in Golden with yellow leaves of fall.
View of South Table Mountain from the Clear Creek Trail in Golden with yellow leaves of fall.

The trees were just beginning to change, so hopefully they will be more colorful now. If you go in the next week or two, you are in for a real riot of yellows.

To get to the especially beautiful part of the Clear Creek trail, head west on 10th St in Golden. On 10th st. head past the public library, baseball field, and you will find a free parking on the left as well as back in only parking on the right. Once you have parked, head west along the path as far as you can go. There are many beautiful trees along the way, but the best part is past the reservoir and after passing under the 6th avenue bridge.

The pathway vanishes into a forest of trees with yellow and green leaves.
Leaves along the Clear Creek in Golden

While on your fall adventure, have your children pick up some freshly fallen leaves for a project later. Try to find freshly fallen leaves, as dry, crunchy, or crumbly leaves won’t work as well. Please stay on the pathway though to pick up your leaves.

Your turn:

Once you get home after your adventure, help your child paint both sides of the leaf with Delta Ceramcoat varnish or Mod podge which can be found at a craft store. Using a brush making sure you paint varnish on the leaf as evenly as possible as it has a tendency to puddle. I also recommend painting one side, letting it dry and then painting it on the other side. Paint the leave with two or three layers of varnish.

This is a technique I learned from a teacher, and artist friend of mine, Anna Hultin. Using fresh leaves ensures the colors stays “sealed” in the varnish as often times leaves lose their vibrant color as they dry. This is why I like doing this as soon as you can before the leaves dry.

Once your leaves have dried have your child carefully (the leaves are still delicate) create their own artwork using them.  Let their imaginations run wild, and see what they can come up with. Some suggestions are:

Leaf mobile to hang from your ceiling.

A leaf collage

A tiny house made out of leaves.

Here is an art project I made several years ago out of a leaf.

A small sculpture of fake blue water in a glass bowl, with a little red leaf boat being punted by a small bead man made out of black and white beads.
One of Cory’s sculptures using a leaf as a boat

We here at Inquisitive Lantern would love to see your and your children’s projects. Please share them and your feedback at the end of this post. Please note though that Inquisitive Lantern will approve all posts for their family friendly content before they become public.

Happy Fall Adventuring and Making!

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