Flower Furniture

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shrink down to the height of a crayon and live in a garden with the flowers as your furniture? If so, now is your chance.

Out and About

This summer and fall at the Denver Art Museum (DAM), there is a museum wide theme centered around flowers (for the sake of full disclosure, I work part-time for the DAM, however they are not compensating me to write or authorizing this post in any way). Over the last several years, the DAM has held several of these museum wide themes with artwork scattered throughout the museum that ties into the theme in some way. This year, the flower theme is based upon a temporary exhibition called In Bloom. The website for the exhibit can be found at http://denverartmuseum.org/exhibitions/upcoming. This exhibit opened on July 19th and runs through October. Even if you aren’t able to stop by the In Bloom exhibit, feel free to visit the other flower-themed activities and artwork around the museum.

One particular flower-themed piece in the museum caught my eye. It is on the seventh floor of the North building (the building that looks like a castle) right outside the elevators and stairs. It is a blue chair that is in the shape of flower. This piece is called Getsuen. It is designed by the designer Masanori Umeda, and more information about it can be found at http://www.californiamarkt.com/usa/1141. The chair pictured in this link is in red whereas the chair at the DAM is blue.

I recommend going to see this art and the other flower themed artwork at the DAM to find inspiration before doing the following project.

Your turn

Once you have gotten your fill of flower themed art work, make your own flower-them furniture for a doll or stuffed animal. For a challenge, you can even create a doll house out of a cardboard box with solely flower shaped furniture in it.


An assortment of different supplies to be used for the flower furniture
Supplies for flower furniture and house.

For this activity you will need an assortment of building materials.

I suggest you use plastic, paper, or fabric flowers as the building blocks of your furniture.

Other materials you may need are:

Hot glue and glue gun (use with parent supervision) or craft glue

Cardboard box

Scrap cardboard

Empty thread spools





Any other object you have lying around that you think will be a good building material

Once you have all of your supplies assembled, begin arranging your fake flowers into tables, chairs, beds, couches, dishes, etc. in you cardboard box. Let you imagine run wild. Once you have your flowers and building materials arranged, glue them in place with a hot glue gun or craft glue.

Bed, table, chairs, ceiling fan, and wall decorations made out of various types of flowers arranged in a cardboard box.
Flower furniture arranged in a cardboard box.

Now that you are done, invite your dolls and stuffed animals to try out their new living space. If you don’t have a doll or stuffed animal small enough, make a creature to live in your flower house out of the flowers or other building materials you used to create your house.

Finished flower furniture and house with a doll living inside.
Finished flower furniture and house with doll handmade by Cory as a child.

We here at Inquisitive Lantern would love to see your and your children’s projects. Please share them and your feedback at the end of this post. Please note though that Inquisitive Lantern will approve all posts for their family friendly content before they become public

Happy adventuring and creating!

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