Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Out and About

This weekend is the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. This is a fun festival to see art, eat delicious food, and listen to great music.  It runs from July 3rd to July 5th. Please visit their website ( for times and other details. I recommend attending the festival in the evening or early morning while it is cooler, and there are fewer people.

As you wander the streets of Cherry Creek North, enjoy spending time as a family, looking at art, and making some art of your own.  While you are here, take time to look at the art in the various booths with your children and talk about what the art is made of: paint, pencil, markers, metal, found objects (objects that were once used as something-else), clay, fabric, etc. It is ok if you don’t know the official names for certain art supplies. When you don’t know, guess or use generic terms like paint, metal, etc. Feel free to also ask the artists at the booth to tell you more about their materials, and art making processes. The point of this activity is to think critically about the different materials that art can be made out of, and to enjoy looking at the art together as a family. To make a deeper connection with the art you see at the festival, make your own art when you get home out of the materials of some of your favorite art you see at the festival.

Art explorer’s tip

Instead of trying to look at all the booths, look for the art that catches the eye of someone in your family. Then look at and talk about that art. If it doesn’t catch anyone’s eye, skip it.  It’s not worth getting tired, irritable, and burned out over art work that doesn’t interest you.

Your Turn

This festival offers an activity tent for children of all ages. Visit the web page for this area at to find out more information about the activities offered specifically for children. This area is a great place for children to have fun and make their own art. As a side note, I remember when I participated in the activity tent as a child. I spent a lot time working on this drawing as well as making paper-plate animal masks (not pictured).

Cory at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival
Cory as a child at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival

All in all, have fun, and see what kinds of things you can discover together as a family.

Happy Adventuring!


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