The Art of Tableau

The curtains rise, the lights blaze on, you freeze in place and without saying a word, your body tells the story. If you were an actor or actress participating in a tableau this may be your experience. A tableau is a theatrical technique where all the actor(esse)s on the stage freeze in place to emphasize […]

When Iron Melts

The sun sets and the world slowly begins to dim from a golden light to blue, and finally to rich purples, greens, blues, and grays of night. But not for long; the students from the University of Colorado Denver’s (UCD) sculpture program and other area metalsmiths have their own idea of how to light up […]

Black Arts Festival

This weekend (starting today) is the Black Arts Festival at Denver’s City Park West. This festival is celebrating its 30th year of giving black artists and musicians a platform, a voice and a means to share their work. Visit their website for more information regarding times and further event details. In light of the violence […]

Murals, murals, murals

Out and About: Within the last several years, many murals have popped up along the Cherry Creek and bike path. These works are artistically interesting but also are thought to be a way to prevent graffiti.  These murals are scattered along the walls of the creek from Confluence Park as far as Broadway. Perhaps the […]

The Joys of Ice Skating

People have been ice skating for thousands of years; first as a means of transportation, and later for recreation. You and your family can continue this tradition of going ice skating at your local ice rink.   Out and about: Throughout the winter small outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks pop up around the city. […]

Hang tight!

Hello Everyone, So through a long convoluted process, we have finally switched over to a new hosting site! Hurray! Hopefully this blog will run a little more smoothly, than it has in the past! Unfortunately, as a result of this process, all of our posts from the last six months have now been lost in […]